[xdebug-general] apd vs. xdebug profile data

From: Brian Shire <shire[@]php.net>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 12:32:08 -0700

I've been noticing some differences between xdebug and apd profiler
output for kcachegrind. Xdebug is labeled as "Time" while apd is
labeled as "Ticks". Can someone fill me in on what exactly xdebug
is measuring for it's time (real time, cpu time, etc) and if you
happen to know apd's measurement basis (php ticks, cpu ticks, etc)
that would be great too :-).

It seems like my graphs show a lot of time being spent in the
execution of the user space functions rather than other function
calls. As an example (completely trivial):


echo foo();

function foo() {
   $string = "my string";
   $string2 = str_repeat(10, $string);
   $rval = split(' ', $string2);
   return $rval;


Show's 35% of the time spent exclusively in foo(), the rest in
str_repeat(35%) and split(17%), compared to apd which shows my foo
function being 0.62%. I'm curious if this might be a reporting
problem or my misinterpretation of the data. Thanks in advance for
any insights.... (this is with xdebug-2.0.0beta6).

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