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If you think that you found a bug in Xdebug, please file a bugreport at the Bug Tracking page. You will need to register because this prevents abuse by spammers and other abusing parties. Try to give as much possible information to reproduce the bug, this will greatly help in fixing them. For some hints on what information is useful, see the following sections. Versions before 2.3 are no longer supported.

Remote Debugger Bugs

To make it possible for me to find and fix bugs for the remote debugging feature, I need several bits of information. Without this information, I can not fix your bug.

First of all, I need a short and self-contained script that exhibits the issue. Short means about 10-20 lines maximum, and self-contained means that it can not not depend on any other libraries, or databases.

If you really can't make a short script after trying for several hours ;-), then please prepare something that I can: clone from GitHub, use something like composer to install dependencies, and then can run. The script can still not have dependencies on things like databases, as I won't have them installed. Please contact me first if you are not sure.

Secondly, I need a remote debugging log. This debugging log contains all the interactions between Xdebug and an IDE and is vital to track down where the error occurs, and due to which protocol command.

You can make a remote debugging log by using the xdebug.remote_log php.ini setting. I suggest you set its value to something in the /tmp directory (or your operating system's equivalent). I have it set as follows: xdebug.remote_log=/tmp/xdebug.log. Make sure that the user that runs the script (yourself for CLI, or your web server's user ID if you're debugging through a web server) can write to the file that you have specified.

With the short script prepared, and the remote logging enabled, now step through your code in the IDE (or do whatever you need to do to reproduce it). When you are done, add both the script as well as the remote debugging log to the bug report at bugs.xdebug.org.


Discussions about Xdebug, feature requests etc. can be held on the Xdebug mailinglist. You can subscribe to it by sending e-mail to ecartis@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org with subject subscribe xdebug-general. Posts to the list (xdebug-general@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org) are moderated unless you are subscribed to the list. To unsubscribe send e-mail to the same address, but then use the subject unsubscribe xdebug-general. You need to do this from the same e-mail address as from the address you subscribe with. You can find an archive for the Xdebug General list here and one for the closed developers list here.


If you have a general question about Xdebug, please send an email to xdebug-general@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org. If you like Xdebug and make use of it, feel free to checkout my wishlist or make a donation. This improves chances that I will be continuing developing Xdebug as an open source extension.

If you have other questions, feel free to send me an e-mail (but read this first) to derick@remove-this-first@xdebug.org.

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