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Xdebug and PHP version compatibility

PHP Version Support

This table lists which version of Xdebug is still supported, and which ones to use for older PHP versions. In general, at any point when an Xdebug version is released, it will support the currently supported PHP versions.

Xdebug Version
PHP 7.4
PHP 7.3
PHP 7.2
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.0
PHP 5.6
PHP 5.5
PHP 5.4
PHP 5.3
PHP 5.2

SupportedSecurity FixesUnsupportedFuture


Xdebug does work together with the Zend Opcache, albeit with reducued or crippled functionality, as Opcache optimises out information that Xdebug could use.

Xdebug does not work together with other extensions that deals with PHP's internals (DBG, APD, ioncube etc). This is due to compatibility problems with those modules.