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Supported Versions and Compatibility

This page lists which versions of Xdebug are still supported, and with which versions of PHP they can be used.

PHP Version Support #

This table lists which version of Xdebug is still supported, and which ones to use for older PHP versions. In general, at any point when an Xdebug version is released, it will support the currently supported PHP versions.

Xdebug Version
PHP 8.4
PHP 8.3
PHP 8.2
PHP 8.1
PHP 8.0 1
PHP 7.4 1
PHP 7.3
PHP 7.2
PHP 7.1
PHP 7.0
PHP 5.6
PHP 5.5
PHP 5.4
PHP 5.3

SupportedSecurity FixesUnsupportedFuture
  1. On Windows you need at least PHP 7.4.20 or PHP 8.0.7. Earlier Windows builds of PHP do not export the zlib function gzfwrite which Xdebug 3.1 needs for compression of profile and trace files.

Compatibility #

Zend Opcache

Can be loaded together with Xdebug, but it is not 100% compatible.

Load Xdebug after Opcache in php.ini for better compatibility. When running php -v or when looking at phpinfo(); output, Xdebug should be listed below Opcache.

When Opcache's optimiser is enabled, some functionality in Xdebug will not work, or differently, because it removes or changes PHP's VM instructions that Xdebug relies on.


Xdebug does not work with PHP's JIT engine, which is implemented in Opcache. When Xdebug is loaded with PHP's JIT on, you will get a warning, and JIT will be disabled.

DBG, APD, ioncube, SourceGuardian etc

Xdebug does not work together with other extensions that deal with PHP's internals. This is due to compatibility problems with those modules.