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Code Coverage for Websites

This video shows how to collect code coverage information for a website, instead of unit tests for which this is normally used.

Profiling with Xdebug in Docker

This video explains how to change a Docker configuration to enable profiling without rebuilding the container.

Profiling: 1. Setting Up

This video explains how to create profiling files with Xdebug, including some of its available settings.

Profiling: 2. KCacheGrind Tour

This video provides a tour of KCachegrind, a tool to visualise Xdebug's profiling files.

Profiling: 3. Analysing Data

This video explains how to use KCacheGrind to analyse a profile file, using Wordpress' front page as an example.

Step Debugging Unit Tests with PhpStorm on Linux

This video explains how to install Xdebug on the Linux command line through PECL, and then shows how to find and fix bugs when running unit tests with PHPUnit.

Step Debugging with Docker and PhpStorm

This video explains in a few minutes how to set-up debugging with PHP and Xdebug running in Docker and PhpStorm.

Step Debugging with Docker and VS Code

This video explains how to dockerify the Symfony Demo Application, and then setup debugging with Xdebug and VS Code.

Xdebug 3: Diagnostics

This video teaches you how to troubleshoot your Xdebug setup. It explains how to find out how Xdebug is configured, which settings have been made, and what it is attempting to do regarding its different features.

Xdebug 3: Modes

This video introduces Xdebug 3's modes — the new way to configure which parts of Xdebug you have enabled.