[xdebug-general] Re: Xdebug version 2.0.0

From: Derick Rethans <derick[@]xdebug.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 14:35:07 +0200 (CEST)

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Rachmel, Nir (Nir) wrote:

> Thanks for the quick reply.
> This is the compilation error I get. Tell me if you need more extensive
> logging:

It compiles fine for me. I have no problems whatsoever.
I downloaded PHP_5_2 from CVS and linked in xdebug from CVS to
ext/xdebug, then ran:

./configure --enable-xdebug
make -j3

and now "sapi/cli/php -m | grep xdebug" shows:

PHP Warning: Xdebug MUST be loaded as a Zend extension in Unknown on line 0
PHP Warning: Module 'xdebug' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

so all worked fine.


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