[xdebug-general] Eclipse wont transform local path in remote path - wrong paramter in breakpoint_set

From: Motyka, Axel <a.motyka[@]telekom.de>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 12:31:49 +0100

Hi there,

iam still trying to remote debug my project. But xdebug wont stop at breakpoints which were set in eclipse with pdt.

I activate "stop at first line" and added a breakpoint inside my index.php - it will be sent correct:
<- breakpoint_set -i 113 -t line -f file:///opt/app/project/public/index.php -n 5

If i add another breakpoint deeper in the application, Eclipse will still send the local path:
<- breakpoint_set -i 112 -t line -f file:///Z:%5Cworkspace%5Ctrunk%5Cprojecttier%5Csrc%5Cmain%5Cphp%5Clibrary%5CSomething%5CV2%5CBusiness%5CSync.php -n 39

I tryied to set a path mapping in my eclipse server configuration - but the path is not transformed. And ... if add xdebug_break(), xdebug will stop and eclipse asks me where my local file is.

I understand that xdebug wont find my local path on a remote server!

What am i doing wrong here?
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