[xdebug-general] Fix return value in "computer trace output"?

From: Graham Wideman <gwlist[@]grahamwideman.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 06:07:23 -0800

Hi folks,

The trace function's "computer format" output doesn't currently show the return value. This is issue 416 from three years ago.

Evidently there's a patch to fix it, but this doesn't seem to have been applied.

What are the chances of this getting implemented?

Alternatively, are there instructions on how to compile for Windows? I assume that, given VC6 (not quite so trivial in this day and age!) the process is fairly straightforward.

But on quick inspection of the source I didn't see makefiles that were obviously suited for Windows, nor clues as to how to create TS vs NTS versions of the dll. But maybe I was sniffing the wrong tree.


-- Graham
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