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From: Cesarwj <cesarwj[@]yahoo.com.br>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 08:48:05 -0800 (PST)

Derick, Tks by quick answear. I´m using Netbeans 7.0.1 with EasyPHP Pack (PHP 5.3.8 VC9 | Apache 2.2.21 VC9 | MySQL 5.5.16 | PhpMyAdmin 3.4.5 | Xdebug 2.1.2). All of it are ok, but the problem is debug the workflow between 2 pages: I run in debug mode "index.php" and by a link in Crome browser I call "product_info.php". The problem is that after it the product_info.php is executed and Xdebug don´t stop at all breakpoint in this page (product_info.php). PS: I can debug just the product_info.php, but I can´t debug the workflow between "index.php" and "product_info.php". My php.ini is attached. Tks, Cesar. ________________________________ De: Derick Rethans <derick@xdebug.org> Para: Cesarwj <cesarwj@yahoo.com.br> Cc: "xdebug-general@lists.xdebug.org" <xdebug-general@lists.xdebug.org> Enviadas: Terça-feira, 15 de Novembro de 2011 12:17 Assunto: Re: [xdebug-general] X debug doesn´t debug page call On Tue, 15 Nov 2011, Cesarwj wrote: > I like XDebug and I don´t want to change to another debbuger, but I´m > sad because I can debug simple page with xdebug and I can´t debug a > page that call another by a link.  What is your current workflow for debugging? It hugely depends on the IDE whether this is supported or not. For example, Komodo and phpstorm will quite nicely continue debugging if you submit forms etc.. providing you're using one of the browser extensions: http://xdebug.org/docs/remote#browser-extensions cheers, Derick -- Like Xdebug? Consider a donation: http://xdebug.org/donate.php Xdebug | http://xdebug.org | xdebug-general@lists.xdebug.org twitter: @derickr and @xdebug

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