[xdebug-general] My Win7/EclipseGanymede/Xdebug/Firefox/XAMPP debugging collapsing.

From: Thomas Widlar <twidlar[@]yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 10:05:38 -0500

I feel like a total boob asking this. I've been debugging very
successfully and productively with my Windows7 / Eclipse Ganymede /
Xdebug / Firefox / XAAMP setup. Sometimes variable values would stop
displaying when debugging web pages, but that would usually come back
after rebooting or just waiting a day or so (that makes no sense).

Last Thursday Firefox updated itself to version 4.1. Since then

1. variables stopped displaying debugging web pages.

2. variables stopped displaying most of the time when debugging PHP
scripts (but not always).

3. Xdebug (or Eclipse) would transfer to the wrong page. I would debug page
         // civilforums.net/index.php == ENTRY POINT
     header("Location: webx/?14@@");
After that http://civilforums.net/webx/index.php keeps returning to
itself. However Eclipse/Xdebug alternates between webx/index.php and

4. To avoid possible problems with the same page name I made webx/debug.php
     $html = "
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Debug Civil Forums>/TITLE></HEAD>
<a href=http://civilforums.net/webx/?14@@.1e000008>Test</a>
     echo $html;
This executes. But Firefox displays nothing. But Firefox'sView Page
Source has it.

Who is at fault? I suspect Firefox and maybe Eclipse. Is there some
incompatibility here?

Is there some group I can discuss this with?

I have not updated to the new version of Xdebug because when I change
things they fall apart.

I can debug simple scripts, but I can't follow the pages around or see
the variable values of arrays. Now watching the application is very

I would appreciate any help.



Tom Widlar
Received on Wed May 04 2011 - 16:12:21 BST

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