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From: Paul Shoemaker <paul.shoemaker[@]helloecho.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 11:02:14 -0500

I, too, have had my share of xdebug woes that required a fair amount of
searching on my part so I can understand your pain :-) .

Personally, I use vim for all of my coding and debugging and found
linux/ to be the most concise reference.

I would, personally, recommend compiling your php extensions (read: xdebug)
from source and installing from make. This article goes over that, but
generally consists of the following:

1. cd into extension source
2. phpize
3. sudo make
4. sudo make install

I will also point out to make sure that you use the correct directive in the
ini for the extension. Particularly zend_extension_ts is for thread safe
builds of php (all windows iis builds and some apache builds),
zend_extension is for ≥regular≤ php builds (no thread safe and no debug),
and, in my particular case, zend_extension_debug are for php builds with
debug flags. It took me a bit to find this information.

Check your build by issuing php ≠ i | grep - i configure and look for things
such as ‹enable-maintainer-zts for thread safe and ‹enable-debug for debug

Also, verify that your extension directory is correctly defined as well by
using php ≠ i | grep - i extension and look for extension_dir. This is
what you should put in the ≥zend_extension = ≥ area.

Be sure to restart apache after you install the extension so it will load.

After all of this and having consulted other online documentation you should
have a properly loading extension. Check out the box.net article from the
beginning of this email for more information about getting breakpoint
debugging to work as it is a bit more involved.

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From: George Larson <george.g.larson[@]gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 10:34:09 -0500
To: Paul Shoemaker <paul.shoemaker[@]helloecho.com>
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Subject: Re: [xdebug-general] Installation woes

Okay.† I just tried it again.

I did a "pecl install xdebug" which appeared to go well.† I searched for
xdebug.so, to insure that I was entering the correct path.† I put
'zend_extension_ts="/usr/lib/php5/extensions/xdebug.so"' in the php.ini file
that was in my home directory and the one in /etc/php5/apache2/.† I rebooted
and a php -m still does not list XDebug.

I'm dying for the step-by-step debugging that I'm used to from developing in
other languages.† I'm using NetBeans 6.5 and it lets me set the breakpoint
and then hit the debug button but it never finds XDebug.†

I hate to bother people when I realize that I'm abysmally inept in this
arena.† If there is someplace that I can RTFM then I'll try to limit my
questions to sensible ones but I can't even figure out that much.†


On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 9:45 AM, Paul Shoemaker
<paul.shoemaker[@]helloecho.com> wrote:
> If you are only looking for the extension installation,
> http://www.xdebug.org/docs/install, is as good as any. †If you are looking to
> work with remote debugging, this page http://www.xdebug.org/docs/remote gives
> a list of resources depending on your environment. †Both of these are
> available from the Documentation link on the xdebug homepage. †
> Hth,
> Paul Shoemaker | Application Developer
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> From: George Larson <george.g.larson[@]gmail.com
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> >
> Subject: [xdebug-general] Installation woes
> Hopefully, you'll be able to point me to some resource that I have
> overlooked.† I have tried two Windows boxes at home and two Linux boxes at
> work and I just can't figure out how to get Xdebug working.† The resources
> that I have located confuse me even further, as they suggest different entries
> in the .INI file.† It seems that, for some people, they just drop it in a
> folder and it runs.† I want to be one of those people. :)
> Before I inundate you with details, is there something that I should have
> already read first?
> Thanks,
> George
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