[xdebug-general] Variable trace

From: troels knak-nielsen <troelskn[@]gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 22:13:18 +0200


I'm playing around with the function-trace feature of Xdebug. I think
it would be very useful if - in addition to function traces - it was
possible to get a trace of assignment to variables. In particular, the
type of the value assigned. When debugging large, procedural scripts,
it's not uncommon to run into 100+ line function , with lots of
conditionals, making it a puzzle to figure out what the type of a
variable is. Further, if variable types could be determined, this
could be used to build automated refactoring tools upon. This is
something that is notoriously hard in a dynamically typed language

Obviously I have no idea how big a task it would be to add such a
feature, but if it's possible, I think it could be quite useful. The
output should probably go to a separate trace file, rather than be
mixed in with function-traces.

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