[xdebug-general] Feature Request: Optional Extra Output e.g. REQUEST_URI

From: Richard Lynch <rlynch[@]peak6solutions.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:52:05 -0500

Using XDebug with Webgrind and XDebug-helper Firefox add-on.

We are using MVC so pretty much EVERY first cmd: line is /doc_root/index.php

So the context of what caused things to create an xdebug.out.###_### file isn't clear in the webgrind popup.

What would be Really Nifty (tm) to this naive user, would be yet another php.ini setting something not unlike:

xdebug.dump.request boolean
include REQUEST_URI in dump

This would then dump out the requested info near the top of the file, or perhaps even appended to the first cmd: line.

Webgrind's popup could then snag that as well as the filename to compose its popup.

Yes, I've read the docs and have seen xdebug.trace_output_name %R...
It's kind of inconvenient for filenames to have & in them, though, and I'd prefer this info to be in the file itself.

We'll be trying %R for now...

I would also have no problem with this idea being extended to fulfill other similar needs, and change 'boolean' to 'string' and allow the same settings as trace_output_name, or some subset/superset thereof.

Thanks Derick and everybody else!

Richard Lynch
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