[xdebug-general] Re: Some breakpoints work, others don't

From: Rory McKinley <rorymckinleylists[@]gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 07:05:07 +0200

Harkin Banks wrote:
> No, my breakpoints are on lines of code and it's clear that those lines
> are executing. Thank you for the idea, anyhow. I appreciate it.
> Actually, now that I'm looking at this more, there's something more
> general going on. I have misphrased the problem. It's really that
> sometimes Xdebug works and sometimes it does not -- sometimes no
> connection is made when I would expect it to. So, it is true that in
> some cases my breakpoints aren't honored (even when placed on a line
> that is clearly executed (eg, echo("STUB")), but in those cases I think
> I have reported what the problem is in a misleading way. I'm baffled by
> why in some cases Xdebug works (a connection is made and I get control)
> when in others it does not (I get the timeout before any connection is
> made) when in both cases I am viewing the same php file which is clearly
> getting executed in both cases. I suspect that I am missing something
> basic (ie, am doing something stupid :) ).
Can you give more details on the circumstances, ie:

  - Does it happen intermittently on the same file or different files?
  - Is the server local or remote?

I have had this problem as well, but again, for me I was simply being
dumb and getting the name of the parameter that you append to the URL
wrong....(getting the SESSION and the START transposed ;) )
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