[xdebug-general] do xdebug development environment setup notes exist?

From: Mike D'Ambrogia <miked[@]jamagination.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 17:12:41 -0700

First foray into the land of C++, been wanting to learn for many years
now and digging into Xdebug code seems like an interesting way to dive
in. I'm wondering if there are instructions on how to setup a
development environment specifically for Xdebug on Win2kPro geared
towards someone who has no idea what they are doing?
I have the MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition installed on my system but
have never used it - will it work or should I use something
different/better? I've downloaded the CVS snapshot of Xdebug earlier
today so the code is ready to go, now I need to whip the programmer into
any/all help appreciated
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