[xdebug-general] Function call and function return breakpoints

From: Denis Anisimov <Denis.Anisimov[@]Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 13:40:33 +0400

could you please clarify a usage of breakpoints with "call" and
"return" type.
I just found that these types works fine for functions that are defined
in "global" scope
( I mean they are not class members ).
But I can't get them working for functions that are class members.
F.e. lets assume I have a class
Clazz {
    function f1(){
    static function f2(){
What function name I need to set for breakpoint command "function"
argument ?
I tried various combination :
Debugger didn't stop on any of these function names.
So could you please clarify what function name I need to use in case of
function "f1" and also for function "f2" ( because the second is not
class member , its static ).

Also could you please describe to me exact behavior these breakpoints
type if
"filename" additional argument for command is specified ( it is not
required for these breakpoint types ).
Will it just ignored or it will be used accompanying function name and
debugger will stop only inside
pointed file and function name ?

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