[xdebug-general] problem with zend_extension_ts

From: Udo Schmiedeskamp <dexxus[@]gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 15:20:12 +0200

Hi everybody,

i'm having a small problem with loading xdebug.

Ubuntu Server, Apache 2.2.3, php 5.2.1 installed with apt-get.
pecl install xdebug

everything fine.

First i tried


phpinfo() shows xdebug is loaded.

A small test script with an error works fine too. (works fine = xdebug
puts out the error)

If i try to load the developer view of symfony (projectname_dev.php) i
get a *blank* page.
and this line in the error.log

Tue Aug 21 05:36:26 2007] [notice] child pid 9389 exit signal
Segmentation fault (11)

"Stupid me" i thought. "you are using apache2 with mpm-prefork"
you have to use

restarted apache

But THEN the phpinfo() does NOT show a sign of xdebug.
The symfony developer view does load then, but says xdebug has not
been loaded too.

Can anybody please help me, how can i load xdebug into apache 2.2.3
without getting segmentation faults.

Thanks alot and best regards
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