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From: Christoph Dorn <christoph[@]christophdorn.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 15:37:07 -0700

This is similar to what I am interested in developing.

My intended approach is to write a PHP daemon that communicates with
xdebug using the standard protocol and port just like any other debug
client. This way the PHP application to be debugged can run on its
standard setup as long as xdebug is enabled.

Setting breakpoints, fetching stacks and source files (based on file
mappings) will be the responsibility of the daemon which will have a
complimentary web-interface.

To start all this we first need a PHP library that implements the xdebug
protocol. I will be working on such a library time permitting. Any help
to get things started is welcome. (There is a python library we can base
things on, there is no PHP library at this point).


ALL wrote:
> I am developing a project to allow people to debug their php
> applications though a web interface. The idea is to use php to act as
> a server and create a new process of php with the requested file to
> debug.
> The problem/question is that how do breakpoints work, and how can i
> communicate with the script that has been suspended with a breakpoint?
> should i try a local-remote debugging approch, or is their an ezier
> way communicate with the active php process that has been broken?
> also is there an easser way to set breakpoints or communicate with
> xdebug than doing a local-remote request?
> really what i am asking for is a fairly simple program that has been
> writen that communicates with xdebug.
> Thanks,
> -Nathan (ALL)
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