[xdebug-general] Re: Assistance with profiling

From: Josh Samuels <josh[@]nutrigames.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 00:16:05 -0700

> Josh Samuels schrieb:
> > We do get output files but only for a cron job we have running every
> > 6 hours (it's aphp script). But the actual web site never generates
> > an output file.
> Is the cronjob run, as it should, through the PHP CLI SAPI? If so, could
> it be that you only edited the php.ini file for the PHP CLI SAPI but not
> the one for your webserver's SAPI?
Truthfully I don't know. Technically I am not editing my php.ini
file, my host's tech support is. We have a dedicated server with Pair
(www.pair.com). In case this helps, here is the results from phpinfo:
Note that the php.ini file specified in phpinfo is the one that has
the xdebug settings I posted, so it should be the one used by the
site. And, I've noticed php error messages have changed since Xdebug
was installed so I think that part of Xdebug is working for the site.
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