[xdebug-general] Xdebug for local / command line scripts?

From: Jeremy Smith <xdebug[@]duckwizard.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 19:57:21 -0800

I need to debug a script that I'm running from the commandline (i.e. using
"php -q myscript" or adding "#!/usr/bin/php -q" to the top of the script and
adding o+x).

I'm not sure how I need to proceed here. Is this even possible? An
ncurses-based (or vim, emacs, anything-based) debugger that just lets me
step through the code so I can see what's going on would be perfect -
something I could invoke in a simple way like "sweetdebugger myscript.php"
and off it goes. I don't suppose anything like this exists?

This is all taking place on a remote ssh terminal - I suppose I could tunnel
the debugging port back to my local machine and connect with Komodo. Has
anyone ever done this before? I guess the only problem in this case would
be getting the commandline-invoked script to operate in debug mode.

Any tips?

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