[xdebug-general] Re: is there a working IDE for xdebug or dbgp?

From: IchBin <weconsul[@]ptd.net>
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 12:45:29 -0400

Prometheus Prometheus wrote:
> hiho[@]ll
> i just tried eclipse with dbg but i can't get it work
> so i want to try xdebug but i can't even find a IDE
> well there is komodo? but anybody knows a free or open source IDE?
> what do the xdebug developers use for testing xdebug?
> thx[@]ll
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As far as I know Xdebug works with PHPEdit. They are started to update
their docs. I just asked that question since they have DBG working with it.

You can look at thread:

Debugging (Sessions, Server, Debugger (with xdebug) and Debugger (with

Download here:

PHPEdit is not an open source product but you can ask for a personal
non-commercial license.

I just bumped into a open source php ide yesterday that has a Xdebug
interface. You need to brush up on your German. I did not see any Docs
in English.
I just have not had time to play with it yet.


One more I just found but have not played with yet.. Has to use either
DBG or xdebug. It's Open source called "Gubed PHP Debugger":

I am not use to non-professional, incomplete or non-fully functional
IDE's that I am finding, using PHP. I am a Java programmer new to PHP
but you can checkout my php debugger links on my page under debugging
page at:


To me this seems to be a big black hold in PHP IDE's. Hard to call them
IDE's with out a fully functional interactive server debugger .

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