[xdebug-general] Just subscribed and have questions :)

From: J Macaroni <jon.macaroni[@]gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 11:41:47 -0400

Hi, I am new to xdebug but not new to programming and debugging of course.

I have some questions:

 1) I am interested in making a simple IDE for PHP under Windows. Can
xdebug be called to simulate single stepping and set breakpoints as well as
view current variable values? I read the documentation but could not see
from the list of functions how it can be achieved and what the actual
control of single stepping between xdebug/PHP and the controlling
application. I wrote a small program and it seems functional as far as
calling xdebug functions inside PHP.

2) Where can I search archives of this list?

3) Is there an additional forum or blog someplace thatI should review?

I would appreciate any pointers to documentation or or examples to do this.

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