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From: FERLET Patrice <P.FERLET[@]alptis.fr>
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 11:51:25 +0200

I only want to thank you for this amazing extensions, and ask you if you
can add in FAQ a mention to verify if "display_errors" is "On" if
nothing appears for stacktraces...
3 days i seek why no errors appears and why only a white page... i found
this on "php.ini".

Note that on Mandriva, to install Xdebug, i only did that:

urpmi php-devel php-pear pear
cd /tmp
pear download xdebug (it downloads xdebug2-beta, "pear install" gives me xdebug 1.3)
tar zxvf xdebug-2.0.0beta5.tgz
cd xdebug-2.0.0beta5
phpize && ./configure --enable-xdebug --prefix=/usr
(on root)
make && make install

vi /etc/php.d/xdebug.ini
add (press i):
xdebug.default_enable = On
(to save press ESC then :wq)

vi /etc/php.ini
set (to search type "/display_errors"
then press ENTER
then to edit press "i"):
display_errors = On
(to save press ESC then :wq)

(on root)
service httpd restart

I say how i have installed because your "documentation" says to use
"pear install" but pear install xdebug-beta dosen't work for me.

So thanks ;)

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