[xdebug-general] dbgp protocol and base64

From: Brian Burns <brian_p_burns[@]charter.net>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 06:10:59 -0500


I have the xdebug2.0 beta2 module installed and working properly. I'm
using the debugclient. When I request a source file, "source -i foo -f
url..", I get the file returned but it's base64 encoded. This is fine,
if you have a nice IDE driving the protocol, but I'm just using the
simple debugclient. Is there a way to shut off the the base64? I tried
using the feature_set command, "feature_set -i foo -n data_encofing -v
none" but it returned "invalid or missing options".

My second question is what is the best way to use the GDB protocol? I
could possibly hook that up to something like ddd? The only reason why
I would use the GDB protocol at this point is because the are freebie
GDB clients out there. Besides the debugclient command line client,
there does'nt seem to be any clients besides proprietary ones?

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