[xdebug-general] xdebug install error

From: <info[@]protel-film.de>
Date: 13 Dec 2004 10:41:07 UT


I'm from germany and I tried to setup xdebug on my XAMPP 1.4.9 with "pear install xdebug" but I only had the message "The DSP xdebug.dsp not found!" returned.
Now, what to do? So I tried to go on with the pre compiled modules for windumb and had them in the "ext" dir of php and I inserted the line "extension=xdebug.dll" to
my local php.ini. After starting the server and testing the ex with "extension_loaded('xdebug');" it returned: no!
I searched the web for solution but couldn' find anything. Maybe you can help.


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