[xdebug-general] Problems while debugging included files

From: Tom :) <tom.l[@]hamburg.de>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 02:24:46 +0200

Hello "world",

XDebug works nice for me except one problem. As soon as I step into
included files no variable information is displayed.
But stepping / breaking still works.

As soon as XDebug steps into the include file the protocol contains the
following error message.

-ERROR: <xdebug><error><code>1033</code><message>You can not show variables
in functions not defined in your script.</message></error></xdebug>

The include file is as 'regular' configuration include with no further
function or class definitions. Going back to the main level brings back the
vars with all desired informations.... until the next include statement.

Any ideas what causes this behaviour and what to change / check ?

I am using the following setup :
Weaverslave 3.9.17 (latest edition, WinXP), XDebug 1.3.2 (default
settings, installed as Zend extension) , PHP 4.3.8 on Apache 2.0.50

Thanks for any help

Greetings from Germany, Tom
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