[xdebug-general] XDebug Profiling in KCacheGrind: Percentage in the 'self' column

From: Bert Slagter <bert[@]procurios.nl>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 16:47:32 +0200

Good afternoon,

Today I installed Debian with a fresh PHP 5 CVS / XDebug 2 CVS combo.
This enables me to actually use profiling, and it works fine! I have one
question though, about the interpretation of the results KCacheGrind

What does the value in the 'self' column represent in the "Flat Profile"
pane for a "require::" function? In my case I have require() a file that
spends more than 31% of the total time. I can't however find anything in
that file that could possebly use that much time. How could I find out
what exactly happens in that 31% (this is, for your information, about
0.05 s).

A screenshot can be found here:


Bert Slagter

Received on Thu Jul 01 2004 - 16:47:35 BST

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