[xdebug-general] How to interpret absolute time costs

From: <moebiuz[@]moebiuz.de>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:35:03 +0200

Hello there,

this is my first post on this list and I want to say hello to everybody first.

I am using xdebug to profile our Webshop-Performance. I really have a
problem with interpreting the absolute time costs that kCacheGrind
brings up.

Regarding to the documentation, the unit of time cost is
1/10,000,000th second. The figures that show up in KCacheGrind though
are very large, eg. Total Time Cost: 4 123 175 459 026. These values
are incredibly high and don't make sense to me.

My questions is, whether I still can use these figures to compare
script execution performance regardless of any exact unit? Maybe it is
some issue of KCachegrind, I don't know. Another reason could be, that
I am profiling on a virtual machine (Suse Linux) running on WindowsXP.
I could imagine that this may interfere with precision.

Thanks in advance!
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