[xdebug-general] xdebug.remote_mode = jit does not work for me

From: Jun Monnai <monnai[@]anchorsystems.co.jp>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 14:05:54 +0900

Dear Derick and all,

I'm trying to get JIT working, but it does not work for me so far.
I set these and made sure they are set correctly by phpinfo().

  xdebug.remote_enable = On
  xdebug.remote_mode = jit

Then I added erroneous function call like:


in my php source.

When the error hppened, xdebug inserted a nice error information
on generating web page, but did not attempt to connect debug
client. I tested with both debugclient-0.9.0.exe and my client.

When ``xdebug.remote_mode = req'', xdebug inserts error info
on the generating page and terminates the connection. I wish
DBGP client can communicate after an error occurs, so the programmer
can see what causes the error easily.

Am I missing something?

Best regards,

Jun Monnai, Anchor Systems Corp.
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