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If you think that you found a bug in Xdebug, please file a bugreport at the Bug Tracking page. You will need to register because this prevents abuse by spammers and other abusing parties. Try to give as much possible information to reproduce the bug, this will greatly help in fixing them. For some hints on what information is useful, see the following sections. Versions before 2.3 are no longer supported.

Remote Debugger Bugs

To provide sufficient it is important to provide both a short reproducable script (that means a self-contained script without external requirements such as a database and/or other files) and a remote debugging log. This log will be created automatically for each debug session when the xdebug.remote_log setting is not empty. The setting configures the filename where Xdebug will try to write all incoming commands and outgoing response to. Make sure that the user under which Xdebug runs (either the user with CLI, or the Apache/Webserver user when Xdebug runs as extension in a web server environment) has write permissions to this file.


Discussions about Xdebug, feature requests etc. can be held on the Xdebug mailinglist. You can subscribe to it by sending e-mail to ecartis@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org with subject subscribe xdebug-general. Posts to the list (xdebug-general@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org) are moderated unless you are subscribed to the list. To unsubscribe send e-mail to the same address, but then use the subject unsubscribe xdebug-general. You need to do this from the same e-mail address as from the address you subscribe with. You can find an archive for the Xdebug General list here and one for the closed developers list here.


If you have a general question about Xdebug, please send an email to xdebug-general@remove-this-first@lists.xdebug.org. If you like Xdebug and make use of it, feel free to checkout my wishlist or make a donation. This improves chances that I will be continuing developing Xdebug as an open source extension.

If you have other questions, feel free to send me an e-mail (but read this first) to derick@remove-this-first@xdebug.org.

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