[xdebug-general] xdebug over Google Chrome

From: Nathan <thegreatall[@]gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 10:24:28 -0600

Over the last few years Google Chrome has began to take over the interweb
but until recently has lacked extend-ability for crazy app ideas. It also
seems like xdebug or other remote debugging apps/extensions/plugins have
lacked good integration for programs to work with it (in my opinion). It
seems like if you find a good editor you like it does not work with xdebug
and if you find an editor you can work with the debugging support is a pain
to setup and still requires the server to be properly configured to talk to
the editor, the editor to be configured to handle the requests properly and
initiate browser requests properly.

In today's web development most developers work with javascript, css,
(X)HTML, SSS (Server Side Scripting) and maybe even XSL, XML, XPATH and/or
SQL. As it stands (from personal experience and majority of the people I
know that work in this field) use Google Chrome for most of my/their web
development needs mostly because it is a good debugging tool for CSS,
(X)HTML and Javascript but lacks almost any SSS dev support.

In short what I am asking is if anyone has heard of any projects or
anything that work with Google Chrome's Developer tools to work with Server
Side Scripting debugging? If not I believe I will start one and would like
to seek help.

-Nathan Bruer
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