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From: Werner Flamme <werner.flamme[@]ufz.de>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 12:29:41 +0200

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roy brener [12.04.2012 17:20]:
> Hello And sorry to bother you. i started working with xdebug with
> netbeans 7.1 a few days ago. today suddenly xdebug (or netbeans
> connection to xdebug) stoped working i checked all the settings and
> everything seems to be configured i restarted apache2 server few
> times (installed it and php using wapp) and tried to reconfigure
> all. nothing is working! the strange thing is when i start a
> debuging session in netbeans i can see that port 9000 is listening
> but for what i understand not in the right address
> i attached a few screen captures with various settings any help
> will be very appreciated!
> Thanks a lot (also for your great tool) Roy

Hi Roy,

as far as I understand this, Port 9000 ist listening on any network
interface: "" means IPv4 with each local address,
"[::]:9000" is the same for IPv6.

As a remote host, you allowed "" in your config, this is the
local host in IPv4 notation. Maybe your host decides to contact xdbug
via IPv6 now? Can you add "::1" to the list of allowed hosts and
restart? I do not know whether xdebug or apache handle this
internally, but I do not believe so.

Hope this helps,
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