[xdebug-general] AW: xdebug base64 encoding wrong

From: Motyka, Axel <a.motyka[@]telekom.de>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 12:06:55 +0100

Hi Derick,

thanks for your help. It is gzipped!

But how can i deactivate this - or how can it be handled by eclipse or netbeans?

Greetings Axel

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On Wed, 4 Jan 2012, Motyka, Axel wrote:

> iam using xdebug 2.1.2 with DBGp 1.145, PHP 5.2.6 and my server is
> running SLES 11. When iam trying to remote debug my scripts all base64
> encoding's are wrong - or my IDE's and no decoder can use it.
> I added an error in my php script and hoped to see the stdout in
> eclipse. But it is not readable. So i added a xdebug.log:
> <- run -i 103
> -> <stream xmlns="urn:debugger_protocol_v1" xmlns:xdebug="http://xdebug.org/dbgp/xdebug" type="stdout" encoding="base64"><![CDATA[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]]></stream>
> The logged CDATA is not decodable!
> What might be wrong here?
> What can i do?

What I think is that it's possible that it's gzip'ed? Do you use some
gzip or anything? Are there other stdout bits perhaps in the remote log?


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