[xdebug-general] Debugger doesn't stop at breakpoints

From: Jonathan Turkanis <turkanis[@]coderage.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 22:06:17 -0700


I've been debugging PHP remotely with Xdebug and the Komodo IDE for
years with great success. Until now, I have always compiled PHP from
source. Now, however, I am trying to debug PHP 5.2.x on CentOS 6, and
since I have been unable to compile PHP 5.2.x from source on that
platform, I am using a binary PHP 5.2.17 package from AtomiCorp.

When I try to debug an application remotely on this platform the
debugger doesn't stop at breakpoints. It simply executes the code from
start to finish, displaying standard output in the debug output window
of Komodo.

I have also tried using the PHP 5.3 that comes with the CentOS 6
distribution, with the same results. When I build PHP 5.3 myself,
however, everything works.

The table below summarizes this situation. I am attaching the remote log
and phpinfo of one platform that works and one that doesn't. The logs
are basically the same until the debugger client issues the command

   step_into -i 28

On the working platform, the server answers with a response element with
command "step_into", status "break" and reason "ok". On the broken
platform the server answers with a stream element containing the script
output, which is "Hello, Word!"

   OS PHP Xdebug Status
   CentOS 5.5 5.2.5 (source) 2.1.1 Works
   CentOS 6.0 5.2.17 (atomic) 2.1.2 Fails
   CentOS 6.0 5.3.2 (source) 2.1.2 Works
   CentOS 6.0 5.3.8 (CentOS) 2.1.2 Fails

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Turkanis

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