[xdebug-general] Issues with xDebug

From: Jacob Walters <flash3d8[@]gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 18:06:29 -0400

Hello xDebug team,

I am having issues making use of your great software. I have been trying to
get it to work in multiple environments, like Netbeans, xDebug Client, and
Notepad++, but it doesn't work anywhere. In every case, it can establish a
connection, but it is stuck listening for the debug info or just terminates
immediately without displaying any information. The browser window ends
without delay. This is the support request I made in NetBeans forums:

In Notepad++, the DBGp plugin includes a raw log of the communications,
which I attached to the email. It shows my various attempts at trying to get
it to work. I did include the remote_log setting in php.ini, but none was
present in the directory I specified. My php.ini file is attached also,
although I have made many modifications from different tutorials to try to
get it to work. The test script is just simple test code I made randomly,
nothing important to include.

Please help me to get xDebug to work.

~Jacob Walters

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