[xdebug-general] Re: Windows CLI Debugging with Netbeans

From: Mike D'Ambrogia <miked[@]jamagination.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 08:23:17 -0700
Unless apache server and NB are running on the same computer the remote host should not be localhost as shown below, the value should be the IP of the Win7 system running NB

I've got Xdebug running on various hosts piping info to NB on my laptop under XP, I find that NB works great for me (finally) when run as follows:

--- download the Xdebug helper:

here is the workaround to get the helper to turn on in FF 3.6+: http://dmitry-dulepov.com/article/using-xdebug-helper-plugin-with-firefox-357.html

---   then in FF

tools -> addons

find Xdebug helpe rin the addon list  and highlight it

select the 'options' button for the Xdebug helper

change xdebug.idekey to "netbeans-xdebug" (without the quotes)

---- then in NB


on the general tab uncheck 'stop at first line'

then in the project explorer right click on the top level folder of your project (the one with the blue php icon) and select properties

within properties select 'run configuration' and then click the 'advanced' button.  select the radio button option for 'do not open web browser'

then just click the debug project button on the NB button bar (ctrl-f5) and the debugger will fire up

set the break point in your php app on $var1=1

--- then in FF

in the bottom R corner of the window on the status bar click the greyed out X to make it green (the xdebug helper)

reload your page, when you reload NB should light up on the task bar and your debugging session should be underway when you click the NB task

Hope this helps,

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