[xdebug-general] Server "down" when debug client has gone away

From: Daniela Waranie <typo3-community[@]gmx.de>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 10:02:49 +0200

Hi all,

when i do the following the apache "hangs" and do not respond (or with a
very big delay of some minutes) to any further request:
1) Start my IDE (netbeans 6.9)
2) Start a debug session, means the following happens:
a) the IDE opens a browser window/tab (e.g. im my firefox 3.6.3)
b) the requested url contains XDEBUG_SESSION_START=mykey
c) the browser get the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie which will be transfered on
all following requests
3) when i now close the debug client, the following happens:
a) the IDE opens a browser window/tab (tab number two)
b) the requested url contains XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP_NO_EXEC=mykey
c) the cookie XDEBUG_SESSION is still there
4) when now re-using tab 1 or tab 2 for other things (no debugging) the
cookie gets transfered to the server, who thinks i am still on a debug
session and tries to connect to the debug client (as i can see via
"netstat -ap" on the server; State:SYN_SENT, connection to my client pc).

i) I expect that in step 3b the server (xdebug) should unset the cookie.
ii) I expect that a request with the "XDEBUG_SESSION" cookie should be
ignored when no XDEBUG_SESSION_START was done before (after the last
cookie unset.
iii) I expect that the a "debug client has gone away"-timeout / check
should be there and set to less than 5 seconds which should lead to a
cookie unset.

To remove the cookies manually or to close the tabs/windows is not a
good workflow for me.
Are you agree that the above points (i to iii) are bugs or at least
feature requests or are there config options available to change it to
my expected behavior?

Best regards
Daniela Waranie
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