[xdebug-general] Re: XDebug increasing usort time

From: Derick Rethans <derick[@]xdebug.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 10:43:38 +0100 (BST)

On Thu, 15 Apr 2010, Ryan McCue wrote:

> I'm doing a usort() (well, actually, a uasort() if that makes any
> difference) on an array of stdObjects with ~10k items, which usually
> takes 4.5s, but when XDebug is enabled, it takes a whole 60s. Is there
> any reason why it would be increasing the sort time by this high a factor?

Every comparison in the search takes up a userland function calls.
Xdebug needs to do quite a bit of work for stack traces here. Depending
on which options you have enabled, this can easily cause the speed loss
that you're describing.


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