[xdebug-general] Using XDebug for an AJAX style web server

From: Tim Sullivan <tsullivan[@]zynga.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2010 21:57:10 -0800

Hi Derick,

I am trying to use XDebug in as a remote debugger for a web server where the client is doing AJAX style calls. I have it basically functioning with Eclipse as the IDE. It looks like it will work great!!! Great job!!

I am running into issues in the quantity of data written back to Eclipse. As an example -- The Debug Output and Browser Output windows are capturing all of the output of the web server. The Browser output window is attempting to present the actual browser output. The quantity of output for our application is substantial and there is no reason for the IDE to attempt to present the actual UI. Is there a way to disable sending of this data from the remote debugger?

In general I would like to get control of the quantity of data returned by XDebug. In some cases the Eclipse IDE is 'far away' (in a networking perspective) from the web server being debugged.

Thanks for your efforts,

Tim Sullivan
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