[xdebug-general] New DBGP functionality in 2.1beta - questions

From: Michal Gajek <migajek[@]gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 14:17:33 +0100

 first of all, thank you for releasing new XDebug ! :)

 Today I've read in "updates" section about new DBGP functionality. As I'm
interested in XDebug not only as PHP developer but also as PHP IDE
developer, I'd like to incorporate some of the new functionality to my IDE's
DBGP client implementation.

 There are a few questions I'd like to ask ...

 1. "Added a patch [...] to allow connections to the initiating request's IP
address for remote debugging." how does it work exactly? Is that some kind
of per-request defining xdebug.remote_host ?

 2. I assume "-p" argument in "eval" means the same as for property_get ?

 3. are there any possible "tricks" in xcmd_get_executable_lines return
format? I mean ... should I expect anything else than xdebug:line
lineno="NUM" format?
 BTW its great idea :) Finally I can show to the users what line can they
put BP at :)

 4. is that possible to turn off appending "CLASSNAME" property to the
response? My IDE handles "classname" xml property so it is kind of
duplicate. I don't like force-
ignoring that item from response data, just in case someone IN FACT
property in his class ... ;)

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards / Pozdrawiam
Micha³ Gajek
Received on Sun Jan 10 2010 - 13:17:33 GMT

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