[xdebug-general] interpreting timing profiling results

From: Neha Narula <narula[@]gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 16:11:35 -0400


I just subscribed to the xdebug-general mailing list.  I looked
through the archives but didn't find the answer to my questions, but
forgive me if I missed something.

I'm using XDebug on Pligg, an open source CMS.  I'm frequently getting
the "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded" error, and it
usually traces through like so:

.0002 main()
.0824 get_comments()
32.2260 comments->print_summary()
32.2262 Template_Lite->config_load()
32.2265 config->config_load()
32.2268 config->_parse_config_section()
32.2275 preg_match (....)

Occasionally the last line is substr(), or htmlentities(), and once it
was str_replace. I can't believe that these string operations are
taking 30 seconds, especially when it's not consistent (the template
being loaded is the english language strings, and *I think* this gets
loaded for almost every page. Every page doesn't time out). I
thought it might be the sql query in comments->print_summary() that's
taking so long, but that's not what XDebug or kCacheGrind are telling
me (php:mysql is not taking that much time). What exactly is the
right way to read this timing information? are 32.2260-.0824 seconds
spent in comments->print_summary()?

Looking at kCacheGrind, I see that the function
config->_parse_config_section() has something like the following

Time Count Callee
7000 2712 php:preg_match()
3552 1356 php:htmlentities()

Should Time be multiplied by Count to get the total amount of time
spent in each of those, or does Time already reflect that?

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