[xdebug-general] how to enable xdebug profiling under certain condition?

From: Shaojie Liu <liusoaring[@]gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 00:33:11 +0800


as far as i'm concered, it seems like that the only place where to
switch on/off the 'profiling' function is the variable of
debug.profiler_enable="0" in the ini file.

while i'm thinking of how to utilize xdebug to make a live site
profiling, i'm stuck on the I/O performance associated with xdebug.
that is, if we turn on profiling on a web server, the sys load will
soon drive the server into mad.

however, i indeed believe IF we can:
1) only do profiling on a certain url (i.e, login.php?xxx)
2) only do profiling on a certain remote_ip;

then, we will be able to gather really really helpful data without
bring too much noise to server/users, and life is gorgeous.

i read thru. the doc and mail-list with empty hand. so, how can i make
this happen? or any further suggestion?

thanks in advance.
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