[xdebug-general] Problems with port using xDebug on Windows VISTA

From: Horst Gassner <kontakt[@]horst-gassner.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 11:41:29 +0100

Hello Derick!

I am using xDebug for a PHP project using the Netbeans IDE. Running the
debugger on a XP machine works without any problems but running xDebug on a
VISTA machine makes troubles. Also with the latest version (2.0.4).

After starting the debugger with the Netbeans option "Stop at the first
line" set the debugger stops as suggested. So everything seems to work
great. But after continuing the debugging process the following error
appears: "Port 9000 is already occupied. Please configure the IDE to use
another port."

So it seems that xDebug (Netbeans?) tries to open the port a second time.
But only when running on a Windows Vista machine - using Windows XP works
without problems...

Do you have any suggestions to get around this problem?

Thanx for your help and xDebug in general!
Nice greetings
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