[xdebug-general] noob question, is Xdebug installable for non-php-guru?

From: Stockman, Thomas <Thomas.Stockman[@]echostar.com>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 15:24:15 -0600

Hey all, I am trying to debug a php script running under IIS, some one
php line stops working in a current production web application when I
try to upgrade PHP from v5.2.5 to v5.2.6. I have a lot of development
experience but not a lot in PHP. I am trying to get a debugger that
will allow me to step through a script line by line, and examine
variables as I step. I am running on IIS, Windows Server 2003 (blech to


Does Xdebug do what I want? Also, is the install and usage fairly
straightforward? I am currently trying DBG, I have the DBG extension
running under IIS, but am finding the info on getting the client
listener piece installed & using the debugger to be very sketchy, for my
state of non-guru-ness. The web site for Xdebug has not convinced me
that it'll a straightforward install, and my experience with DBG has
been very painful.


Thanks for any info.


Thomas Stockman


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