[xdebug-general] xdebug with PDT

From: motif user <motif_user[@]yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 21:47:31 -0700 (PDT)

Xdebug is really giving me tough time. I have managed to installed xdebug,
pdt and start the debugger. But the debugger is not working properly.
I have observed following things.

1)As I start debugger PDT takes me to the debug perspective and opens
 a blank firefox window. (which is ok)

2) At debug perspective, I find that debugger is paused at drupal/index.php
 line no 12 ( this is probably because "break at first line" is set in my
debug window) and the firefox status says "waiting for localhost". (this is also ok)

3)Now as I push "resume" expecting the debuger to move next breakpoint,
 but nothing happens! The debugger shows "remote launch" and firefox says
 "waiting for localhost" Indefinitely.

4)Now if I terminate the "remote launch", the waiting firefox displays
 drupals login page (first page) and another firefox window opens showing
 "DEBUG SESSION ENDED". On address bar both windows shows

5)After first breakpoint I tried step debugging to see what drupal is doing,
 I found that it finnaly gets stuck at session.inc line 13.

function sess_close() {
     return TRUE;

I have already wasted many hours but not getting what is wrong, it
 will be really helpful if someone can suggest something.

Thanks in advance



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