[xdebug-general] Xdebug support in Code Medic

From: John Lindal <support_0384[@]newplanetsoftware.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 11:52:11 -0800

I'm adding support for Xdebug in my debugger, Code Medic
(http://newplanetsoftware.com/medic/), and I have a couple of questions
about how to send commands to Xdebug.

1) I'm unable to get property_set to work. I've tried

  property_set -i 0 -n post_url -l 3 -- xyz

where $post_url is a string that is already defined by the script. I've
tried sending $post_url, too. Neither has any effect. The value stored by
the script does not change. I'm surely missing something simple :) Does
the data have to be base64 encoded?

2) I cannot get eval to work on expressions containing variables.

  eval -i 0 -- 3*5

returns a result, but

  eval -i 0 -- post_url

returns zero length CDATA, even though context_get returns the correct
value for $post_url. Does eval only work for simple math?


John Lindal
New Planet Software
Received on Wed Jan 30 2008 - 21:01:06 GMT

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