[xdebug-general] Re: segmentation faults

From: Darien Hager <darien.hager[@]etelos-inc.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 12:36:35 -0800

Oops, meant to reply-all... Re-sent.

On 1/23/08, Darien Hager <darien.hager[@]etelos-inc.com> wrote:
> Just to clarify: It segfaults immediately (e.g. when the PHP CLI is
> invoked) and does not seem to be linked to any particular PHP code or Xdebug
> function calls?
> You might want to try using the CLI with gdb to get a backtrace, if you
> can't get it from the core file, e.g.:
> (bash) gdp php
> (gdb) run -r "echo('helloworld');"
> [Segfault occurs, error printed]
> (gdb) bt
> [Backtrace printed]
> (gdb) list
> [Area where segfault occured printed]
> (gdb) q
> [Back at bash prompt]

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