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From: <johnywhy[@]gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 06:35:35 -0800

my host instructs me to create a custom php.ini file in my directory. they
support that. i guess somehow they are able to register my custom php.ini
without restarting?

see the php info from my host:

in the top section:
configure Command ...--enable-debug=no...
(but is that the same debugger as zend?)

in the top section:
Debug Build no
(doesn't that just mean the php engine itself is compiled non-debuggable?)

in the php core section: report_zend_debug On
(does this mean there's a built-in way to debug?)

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From: Derick Rethans

Well, if you're using a php.ini file to make settings, you have to
restart it. You can not load xdebug through .htaccess either. It looks
like your shared hosting will not support running Xdebug.

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