[xdebug-general] Firefox Addin help

From: <johnywhy[@]gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 02:03:30 -0800

hi. Help. What am I doing wrong?

in Firefox, i browse to the webpage i want to debug. i click on the debug icon in the status bar, and it glows green. nothing else happens, and the page loads normally. how can i step through my php script?

my setup:

--I'm using Linux shared web-hosting.

--I created the following php.ini file in my directory:


--i uploaded debugclient-0.9.0 to the same directory on the host.

--i tried changing the name of debugclient-0.9.0 to php_xdebug.dll, but that did not help.

--you can view my php info here:

--i have limited access to the server on my host. i cannot restart it.

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