[xdebug-general] Re: Setting the XDebug Session cookie within a browser.

From: Dave Kelsey <d_kelsey[@]uk.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 18:02:04 +0100

xdebug-general-bounce[@]lists.xdebug.org wrote on 23/10/2007 16:17:41:

> On 23 Oct 2007, at 13:48, Dave Kelsey wrote:
> > Is it possible to get the cookie sent to the browser as soon as
> > the script has started executing ? or does this already happen but
> > IE doesn't store it until the request completes maybe ?
> I think PHP is to blame here. It usually delays sending of headers
> until a script has ended, at which point it sends everything in one
> go. You can force it to flush output using flush(). You might also
> look into
> session_write_close(), and the various output buffering options in
> php.ini. Further upstream, mod_deflate/mod_gzip can also delay output
> until script completion.
> Marcus
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> Marcus Bointon
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Unfortunately I don't have control over the script being debugged. I
suspect that
xdebug cannot help here either as it probably appends the cookie to the
executing php script header response (based on the info you provided).

Ok, then for the general case the best solution is to have a manual switch
that sets the
xdebug cookie. I know there is a firefox one already, but it has a couple
of bugs in it
so doesn't work with PDT correctly :-(

Dave Kelsey

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