[xdebug-general] Re: debugging multi-page applications

From: Noah Mercer <noah_ten[@]yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:00:24 -0700 (PDT)

Never mind... I just realized that I had put a hidden XDEBUG_SESSION=SOMETHING value into my test form late last night and forgotten to remove it. Bah. Now that I've tracked that down and eliminated it everything is working just the way I wanted it to - many thanks for the help. Noah ----- Original Message ---- From: Noah Mercer <noah_ten@yahoo.com> To: Derick Rethans <derick@xdebug.org> Cc: xdebug-general@lists.xdebug.org Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 10:02:44 AM Subject: Re: [xdebug-general] debugging multi-page applications Thanks for the info. I'm trying out Xdebug with Eclipse/PDT, but it still doesn't quite seem to do the trick. It works as expected in a single-script scenario, but here's what I see in the xdebug log in a multi-page scenario: [I initiate a debugging session from within eclipse, calling the first page of my test application] Log opened at 2007-08-22 16:49:50 -> <- breakpoint_set -i 41 -t line -f file:///C:/Program%20Files/Apache/Apache%202.2/htdocs/ecl/foobar.inc -n 3 -> <- breakpoint_set -i 42 -t line -f file:///c:/program%20files/apache/apache%202.2/htdocs/test-debug.php -n 4 -> <- breakpoint_set -i 43 -t line -f file:///c:/program%20files/apache/apache%202.2/htdocs/results.php -n 4 -> <- feature_set -i 44 -n show_hidden -v 1 -> <- feature_set -i 45 -n max_depth -v 3 -> <- feature_get -i 46 -n max_children -> <- feature_get -i 47 -n encoding -> <- feature_get -i 48 -n supports_async -> <- run -i 49 -> <- stack_get -i 50 -> <- stack_get -i 51 -> <- run -i 52 -> Log closed at 2007-08-22 16:49:57 [The first page has finished rendering and I'm ready to submit a simple form on it.] [I submit the form on the first page which calls the second page.] Log opened at 2007-08-22 16:50:02 -> -> -> Log closed at 2007-08-22 16:50:02 [I now see the output of the form I submitted, but the debugger never triggered on the breakpoint I had set in the code that generates that result.] The thing that struck me here was the fact that idekey="SOMETHING" when I submit the form on the first page. (I would expect it to be ECLIPSE_DBGP, the way it was when I loaded up the first page.) It looks like xdebug "knows" that it should stop at the breakpoint in my results file (I see the status="break" in the second log open block), but the IDE isn't triggering there, probably because the idekey is not ECLIPSE_DBGP? Is this hypothesis reasonable and if so do you have any suggestions about why the idekey is wrong? (I checked my cookies at each step: When the first script completes I have an XDEBUG_SESSION cookie with a value of ECLIPSE_DBGP, but when the second script completes the value of the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie is SOMETHING.) Thanks again, Noah ---------------------------------------------------------- >> >> Is there a way to configure XDebug/debugclient so that I can wander >> through the pages of my application at will and have it stop on any >> breakpoint set in any file, regardless of which page I entered the >> application on? Or will it always go to a "stopped" state when the >> current script finishes execution? > >The debugclient itself does not support this, it is a *very* simple >client just meant for debugging the protocol interaction. Most other >clients listed[1] will re-issue breakpoints when a new connection is >made. It can not be done in Xdebug itself-as you never know to which >apache process the request goes and there is nothing shared between >apache processes. > >[1] http://www.xdebug.org/docs/remote#clients > >It could be an addition to the debugclient client though, but then it >needs quite a bit of modifications. > >regards, >Derick
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